Gabion made to measure - mesh size 10x10cm

Flexible solutions for landscaping projects

Custom gabions are custom-made wire baskets that are filled with stones to provide an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution for various applications. These custom-made gabions are manufactured according to specific requirements.

The wire baskets are made of high-quality, rust-resistant galvanized steel wire and can be made in different mesh sizes.

Integrated retaining walls and gardens

Custom-made gabions find application in various landscaping projects such as retaining walls, privacy walls, gardens and decorative elements. Their bespoke manufacturing allows them to blend seamlessly into their surroundings while providing a durable and stable structure.

The assembly of the gabions is easy and is made easier by the materials supplied such as spirals, C-rings and spacers. The galvanized wire baskets are sturdy and well protected against rust, ensuring their longevity and resistance to the elements.


  • Custom-made wire baskets for bespoke projects
  • High quality, rust-resistant steel wire with different mesh sizes
  • Customizable selection of stones for aesthetic design
  • Versatile use in landscape design projects

Comes with spirals or C-rings and spacers. These do NOT need to be ordered separately.