Lid for column MW 5 x 10 cm including 4 mounting spirals

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Dimensions: 22x22cm
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As standard, our columns are delivered without a cover. If you still want a lid, you can purchase it here. These lids have a mesh size of 5 x 10 cm. The lid is attached to the column with spirals. The spirals are also included in the scope of delivery and are simply twisted into the column at the edges - assembly is possible without tools.

The grids are each supplied in sizes of 10 cm increments; The remaining 2 cm of size is filled up by the spirals - for example, the grid for a column 22 x 22 cm only measures 20 x 20 cm. Please simply select the base area of ​​your column as a variant. The grilles are spot welded and made from a 4 mm thick wire mesh with a galvanized coating. Therefore, they have a high level of corrosion protection.