Gabion hot-dip galvanized 102 cm x 182 cm x 22 cm, mesh size 5 cm x 5 cm, fully welded

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Item description:

- Gabion dimensions: 102cm x 182cm x 22cm (L x H x D)
- Mesh size grid: 5cm x 5cm
- Material: Wire (∅ 4 mm)
- Coating: galvanized
- Closure: welded
- Tensile strength wire: > 500 N/ mm2
- Shear strength weld points: > 3.5 kN

Scope of delivery: 1 gabion, fully welded and hot-dip galvanized Gabiona

Filling (not included): 670kg,
Natural stones, quarry stone etc.
We also offer various natural stones - delivery within Germany.

Connection: welding
The connection of our grilles by welding is elegant and comfortable.
We bend the baskets and weld them at the abutting edges. This means you don't see any closure material; are the edges
elegantly rounded or stylishly angular.
After welding, our products are hot-dip galvanized. What is particularly pleasant here is that the baskets are already assembled
get delivered.

GABIONA® - Tested quality - Made in Germany

Experience a piece of German quality work with our gabions. We place particularly high demands on our grilles for you:
Longevity of the coating, high tensile strength of the wire, high shear strength of the welding points.
The strength of the welding points in particular is the most important criterion for the stability of the grilles - and therefore of the entire construction.
There are big differences in quality depending on the manufacturer
We have all quality features tested regularly by testing laboratories.
The high level of our quality is your security.

GABIONA® - Gabions: The all-rounders for your garden

Become your own builder. Benefit from how easy it is to realize even complex construction projects with our gabions.
Combine creativity and craftsmanship; the implementation is impressively easy. See for yourself how versatile you are
You can make your personal garden dreams come true with our stone baskets. Every basket you fill is unique; he wears
unmistakably your handwriting. Gabions originally come from Italy. A simple idea: a wire basket filled with stones, one
effective effect. Today it is impossible to imagine German gardens and public spaces without them.
Be inspired by the variety - whether it's a decorative individual element or a chic partition; There are hardly any limits to your imagination.
- Structural, local and static conditions must be taken into account -