Gabion with flower bowl 80 cm x 76 cm x 30 cm (L x H x D), mesh size 10 cm x 10 cm, spiral

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Discover a versatile solution for your garden with our gabion with plant bowl. This unique combination of a sturdy gabion and a spacious plant bowl offers you countless possibilities for creating plants, flowers or even a raised bed in your outdoor area. The gabion with flower bowl is available in mesh sizes of 5 x 5 cm, 5 x 10 cm & 10 x 10 cm. In the picture you can see the 5 x 10 cm version as an example.
The gabion is made of high quality wire mesh, which ensures a robust and long-lasting structure. With its high resilience and resistance to the elements, this gabion will remain intact for years and requires minimal maintenance.
The integrated planting bowl is the perfect place to express your green thumb skills. With a length of 79.2 cm, a height of 25.7 cm and a depth of 28.8 cm, the plant bowl offers enough space for a variety of plants, flowers or even vegetables. You can arrange your favorite plants as you like and add a fresh and lively atmosphere to your garden. Thanks to the generous dimensions of the planting bowl, you can also create a raised bed, making it easier to grow vegetables or herbs.
Assembling the gabion with plant bowl is simple and uncomplicated. You will receive all the assembly materials you need.
Our gabion with plant bowl is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The interaction of natural stones and green plants creates a harmonious and attractive look that enhances your outdoor area and creates an inviting impression.
Whether you have a small garden or a terrace, our gabion with plant bowl adapts perfectly to any environment. Use them to brighten up your outdoor space, create a blooming oasis or grow your own vegetables.
Experience the versatile possibilities of our gabion with plant bowl and order today to design your garden!