Gabion column around 52 cm diameter, 200 cm height, mesh size 5 cm x 10 cm

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Item description:

- Gabion dimensions: cm x 200 cm x cm (L x H x D)
- Mesh size grid: 5cm x 10cm
- Material: Wire (diameter 4 mm) galvanized
- Coating: Zinc-aluminum min 350 g/m 2
- Salt spray test (DIN EN ISO 9227): > 3,000 hours
- Tensile strength wire: > 500 N/ mm2
- Shear strength weld points: > 3.5 kN

Scope of delivery: Prefabricated column
1 spiral

Filling (not included): kg,
Natural stones, quarry stone etc.
We also offer various natural stones - delivery within Germany.

Curved and closed with a spiral
Our gabion columns are formed from just one grid. This type of production not only results in a particularly harmonious look,
but also ensures maximum stability. Due to this stability, our columns do not require any additional spacers.
The side closure is standard with a spiral.

GABIONA® - Tested quality - Made in Germany

Experience a piece of German quality work with our gabions. We place particularly high demands on our grilles for you:
Longevity of the coating, high tensile strength of the wire, high shear strength of the welding points.
The strength of the welding points in particular is the most important criterion for the stability of the grilles - and therefore of the entire construction.
There are big differences in quality depending on the manufacturer
We have all quality features tested regularly by testing laboratories.
The high level of our quality is your security.

GABIONA® - Gabions: The all-rounders for your garden

Discover our versatile columns for yourself.
There are no limits to your creativity here. The possible uses are diverse.
Do you want a decorative eye-catcher for your garden? Use our columns as individual elements.
Use gabion columns as classic fence posts; connect privacy screens or fence elements to them.
In this way, you not only secure your property boundary, but also create a tasteful eye-catcher.
Harmonious appearance with maximum stability, our manufacturing process guarantees this.

The columns are produced from just one grid mat.
The corners are elegantly rounded, the round design is completely curved and so stable that no spacers are required.
The galvanized columns are closed with a spiral on one side.
The hot-dip galvanized columns are already welded.
The basket is delivered fully assembled; You no longer have to assemble it, just fill it.
For the square version we offer a lid as an accessory.