Jura yellow 100 to 200 mm

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Our yellow limestone is a broken natural stone that has its origins in the Jurassic era. It comes from Bavarian quarries around Weissenburg, where Archaeopteryx was once found in Solnhofen limestone. This is why the light yellow tone of the light stone is already known. The Romans already liked to use this stylish stone for building. Now it gives your garden an elegant touch. The large grain size of 100 - 200 mm makes it suitable for filling gabions with a mesh size of up to 10 x 10 cm. With our stone calculator connected to the shopping cart, you can calculate the approximate amount of stone you need to fill your gabions. Please note that the calculated quantity is an approximate value with which we have had good experience. We cannot assume any liability for the amount, as the requirement also depends on the filling technology. The price is for a disposable big bag on a disposable pallet including VAT and freight; Delivery is carried out by lifting platform truck free to the curb. Shipping ONLY within Germany, excluding the islands. Crane delivery is not possible. Please note that the stones are not cleaned; These may need to be rinsed with water after filling. When it comes to broken natural stone bulk materials, it is common practice for undersized and oversized particles to be present. This means that up to 20% of smaller and larger stones as well as rock dust can be present. Important note for natural stone products: Unless otherwise stated here, the material offered is of a commercially and market standard quality, color, cut and processing. Color and structure variations due to natural occurrence are permitted within the color tone and the rock structure according to DIN 18332. This also includes oxidation of iron-containing inclusions typical of granite, which can lead to color changes. Fillings made from bulk material can contain up to 20% of undersized and oversized particles as well as rock dust.