Short bench cushion TEAK 30 cm

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Teak is an Asian type of wood that is particularly popular because it is very durable and resistant - making it ideal for outdoor use. The low weight and the harmonious golden brown color also speak for this wood. The houses we select are ecologically certified. The delivery is already pre-assembled on our short rails. This allows you to easily mount it on baskets that have a base area of ​​105 x 30 cm. The length is approx. 115 cm, width 40 cm and thickness 2 cm.

Please note that the wood is a natural product and can vary in color and grain. Our high-quality wood products from sustainable cultivation are chemically untreated. Therefore, it can happen in places that after the first effects of moisture, individual fine wood fibers stand up - not visible and hardly noticeable. After a very short time, these wood fibers wear out. To accelerate this natural effect, the wood can be sanded after the first rain (or watering) with very fine sandpaper with a few light sanding strokes. Screws, rails and grilles shown are for demonstration purposes only and are not included.