Fence posts 4 x 6 cm from 200 cm

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length: 200cm
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FENCE POST length selectable Stabilization of our GABIONS! The posts made of 2mm thick hot-dip galvanized square tube can be used as an anchoring element to stabilize slim gabion components from tipping. They have a cross section of 60 x 40 mm. The top end has a plastic cap; the lower end is open.

Depending on the component dimensions and ground conditions, the posts are concreted into the ground. The gabion is simply placed over it and filled. By filling in the stones, the post becomes wedged and the gabion stands firmly and cannot tip over. The depth of integration of the posts into the ground depends on the local soil conditions; As a rule it is 50 - 80cm. The length of integration into the basket depends on the height of the basket - usually at least two thirds of the height of the basket. To dowel the posts onto an existing foundation, you can use our matching post shoes. Embedding depth of the ground + embedding length of the gabion = post length.

We recommend two posts per meter. For individual elements, there should also be at least two posts per meter.